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Our Benefits


Hosted AMZ for maximum uptime and minimum vulnerabilities with Cloudflare to protect against DDoS.


With our Tier Model, you do not only bake Tezos, but also can also receive ETP rewards.


Experienced blockchain team for close monitoring & maintenance

How to Delegate

1.To get started, create a Tezos wallet - TEZBOX is easy to use→ hyperlink --- -remember to backup your private key.

2.Once you have a wallet, create your KT1 address by selecting “add account” on the left sidebar -0.25 XTZ is required for this transaction.

3.Transfer your funds from the main address to the newly created KT1 address.

4.Select “delegate”, custom and enter our Baker address - tz1aiYKXmSRckyJ9EybKmpVry373rfyngJU8

5.You’re all set!

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Special Discount for ETP Holders

With the Metaverse ETP locking system, you can receive a baking fee discount. The higher the amount you lock, the higher discount you’ll receive-by locking ETP, you will also receive a bonus once they unlock.

10 Days

42 Days

126 Days

253 Days

507 Days

4 Tezos Cycle

15 Tezos Cycle

45 Tezos Cycle

90 Tezos Cycle

181 Tezos Cycle

200 ETP Amount

700 ETP Amount

3,000 ETP Amount

7,000 ETP Amount

15,000 ETP Amount

0.19 ROI in ETP

4.67 ROI in ETP

96 ROI in ETP

560 ROI in ETP

3,000 ROI in ETP

Our Service

Privacy Foucs
7*24 Customer Support


How much is the service fee?

15 % if no ETP are locked, we pay all rewards (block, endorsements and fees)

When do you pay your rewards?

We pay all due rewards on every cycle.

How is Tezos mining different from Bitcoin mining?

Tezos are not mined but are rather “baked.” The difference is that Bitcoin and rely on PoW, but Tezos uses “Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)” as a method to create new tokens. The term “baking” came to refer to creating new tokens in Tezos.

Is there a minimum payment threshold?

We will pay all rewards, no minimum to join us.

Can I lose my tezos?/ what are the risks?

No. Delegating your Tezos only gives the baker permission to bake them. You keep you private key.

When can I expect my first payout?

The Tezos network takes 7 cycles to grant baking rights. After those 7 cycles, the baker begins earning rewards. All rewards earned through baking are held by the network for an extra 5 cycles before being released to the baker. Thus there is a 7+5=12 cycles delay of the payment. We will make the payouts as soon as we get access to the rewards.

Why should I delegate to Viewnodes?

Viewnodes is powered by Viewfin, a leader in the fintech and blockchain space. Moreover, we count with a team of professionals with several years of experience.

What if i have other questions?

Please feel free submit any inquires here: contact us. Or join our telegram group