Viewfin Dubai branch: the first step of the international strategy

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Viewfin officially announced the establishment of the first overseas branch in Dubai last week as we take the first step of the international strategy and expansion.

Viewfin formally established the first overseas branch in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) Free Trade Zone last week. The branch will concentrate on the application development and project cooperation with regards to the Metavease blockchain. Simultaneously, we are in the process of opening our second branch in Dubai. We are currently undergoing the compliance process and the platform will be on-line in the near future. This branch will be located in the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) Free Zone. It will be committed to providing a digital assets exchange platform. We will release more information about this in further updates.

Dubai DMCC is the world’s largest and fastest-growing free trade zone nowadays, supporting a variety of commodities, including gold, diamonds and precious metals. With its advanced infrastructure and vibrant community service, DMCC supports nearly more than 13,000 companies including start-ups and large multinational corporations and promoting their growth and success.

▲Viewfin office Building in DMCC, Dubai,

DSO is owned by the Dubai government. Catering to the needs of the high-tech industry in the Free Trade Area of Dubai, cultivating and retaining the telecommunications, biotechnology, engineering, aerospace, new energy, oil and gas and many other industries. Perfect infrastructure、good investment incubation and incentive mechanism have attracted many of the world’s outstanding enterprises, including SAP, Fujitsu, AMD, Euromonitor International, and so on.

▲Viewfin office Buildingin DSO, Dubai,

Eric, CEO of Viewfin said:

As the outstanding representative of the domestic blockchain industry, Viewfin has an excellent technology and marketing team. We have attached particular importance to the Middle East Regional for its radiation force, policy environment and the huge support blockchain has from the Government of Dubai. Viewfin will grasp this enormous market opportunity and extend block chain innovation this region. We are looking forward to being a potent competitor within the international Fintech arena in this multi-cultural region. We will continue to pursuit wider commercial blockchain technology applications in this diverse industry and are committed to establishing an open value transaction ecosystem.

Eric also revealed that:

The relevant government agencies have already discussed the first cooperation project with Viewfin. The two sides will work together to promote the development of the Dubai blockchain industry and developing the local applications based on the Metverse blockchain.

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