Metaverse wallet 0.7.0 version available

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The Metaverse team officially launched version 0.7.0 of its PC wallet client after nearly a month of development and debugging. It is the first major update for Metaverse Wallet since its release. The updated wallet client has an improved interface and has also added some new features. Version 0.7.0 optimized the wallet’s systems to a large extent. Compared to the previous version, the new version is more stable and has faster synchronization speed, with a more harmonious UI and smoother operation.

Significant updates

1. A brand new interface with improved user-friendliness.
2. Added an installation package for the block-based database, which greatly reduced the wallet’s synchronization time.
3. Optimized the execution efficiency of transaction queries and other related commands, targeting accounts with large trading volumes;
Performance optimization

1. Repaired some nonfunctional features, which was caused by failure to initialize database.
2. Optimized the log system and compressed the disk space taken up by log files.
3. Optimized mongoose services and improved the web wallet’s speed.
4. Added high-level account backups; accounts can be exported to an encrypted file.
5. Reconstructed the multi-signature command and optimized the output method.
6. Optimized the wallet installation procedure and added the ability for the procedure to run in the background.
Wallet Download:

User interface previews:

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