Metaverse Progress Report — August

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1. Progress in Web Wallet

We mainly focused on optimizing our wallet system and the development of new features in August.

~ System performance optimization

• Repaired some nonfunctional features (caused by failure to initialize database)
• Optimized the log system and reduced log size to facilitate user feedback
• Optimized the execution efficiency of transaction-related queries targeting accounts with large trading volumes (increased about 40 times)
• High-level account backups (exported to encrypted file)
• Optimized mongoose services and improved the web wallet’s speed
• Built a development environment for Visual Studio 2015

~ New features

• The wallet will run on the back end of the operating system. Users can open or exit the wallet on their taskbar after the application has launched (currently only supported on Windows and OS X.)
• Multi-signature transactions
• Subscription to transaction addresses
• Asset issuance
• The “send” command for ETP transactions now supports transaction descriptions
• Production of installation package for Mac system

Note: some of these features are still in the beta testing phase. Follow-up versions are coming soon.

Web wallet version 0.7.0 has entered beta testing and is coming soon.

2. Mobile Wallet development progress


The Android version of TokenMaster is now available, please visit our official website to download the wallet

TokenMaster is user-friendly, supports multiple chains and currencies, and is compatible with all platforms!

Key features
1. The interface is user-friendly, interactive and smooth, as makes it easy for you to manage your digital assets;
2. To support QR code payment, transfer and transactions;
3. To support cross-chain swaps for a wide variety of mainstream digital currencies, hence there is no need to switch between multiple applications, which is more convenient and efficient;
4. To automatically obtain real-time prices for digital currency in exchanges, showing the value of your digital assets;

~Metaverse light wallet

In August, Metaverse’s light wallet has completed overall function definition and the design for most of its pages. The light wallet’s data will be compatible with the Web-end wallet.

Interface preview:

3. Other progress

~Metaverse official website update

For more details, please visit our updated official website.

~ Digital Identity White Paper

Version 1.1 of Metaverse’s Digital Identity White Paper is coming soon.

Digital Identities are built on Metaverse’s ecology systems. It will be used to carry out digital identity applications centered around BaaS and the Wallet in accordance with the underlying functionality provided by Metaverse’s blockchain, with the aim of providing verifiable and authoritative infrastructure services for all industries.

~ Blockchain As A Service

Metaverse CTO Chen Hao puts forward the Blockchain As A Service (BaaS) concept and shares his opinion

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) refers to using data generated by public blockchains to provide a series of operational services including blockchain-based querying, transactions and data analysis. These operational services may be decentralized or centralized. Currently, in the blockchain sector, blockchain browsers, digital currency trading platforms and other applications derived from public chains such as certificates (Factom) and digital identities (uPort) all fall under the umbrella of blockchain services.

For more details, please pay attention to the article “Blockchain As A Service and the Internet of the Value” published by Metaverse CTO Chen Hao.


MVShub aims to provide an open source codebase based on the BaaS blockchain project. We look forward to the participation of all developers.


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