Metaverse Foundation The 4th International Blockchain Summit Ends Successfully

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The 4th International Blockchain Summit kicked off at Shanghai International Convention Center on August, 15, 2017. Metaverse Foundation, as one of the sponsors, was invited to attend the Summit. Actually, Metaverse team has participated in this event for four consecutive years.

This Summit mainly focused hot topics, such as the policy of blockchain industry, investment environment, technological innovation and application innovation. Metaverse team carried out friendly exchanges with more than 1,000 blockchain practitioners, investors of financial institutions, technology developers as well as blockchain investment enthusiasts at home and abroad.

Eric Gu, founder Metaverse Foundation, delivered an amazing speech “Blockchain is Becoming Popular” during the event.

Mr. Eric, as one of the core members among bitcoin entrepreneurs, said, “I’m glad that I have witnessed and participated in the tremendous development and expansion of blockchain industry in China over the past four years. Blockchain, as a part of fintech, is becoming increasingly popular. Our team’s vision is to adopt the BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) model, and to make the blockchain better serve people’s financial life. Based on Metaverse, anyone can use blockchain technology. This is the value of the block chain, which is also our expectation — NewReality”.

Metaverse Foundation will be devoted to realizing the BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) model, with the aim of helping more business projects be launched on the Metaverse Blockchain platform.

During the Summit, Mr. Eric received interviews with and respectively. For more follow-up reports, please visit Metaverse official social media platform.





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