Supply Chain

When using blockchain technology to obtain information, it not only includes information for traceability, but also various aspects of the production process. ViewFin BaaS blockchain technology has played a positive role in promoting a safer, more economical and sustainable supply chain system.
Scheme description
Item information record

All key information blockchains from production to consumption are recorded and encrypted to prevent data forgery, and authorized users can query and verify.

Item data traceability

The commodity code maps the block chain account address, shares the ledger, connects the product ownership and transfer relationship, and can automatically identify the commodity code through the smart phone, sensor equipment, etc., and the data can be extracted and verified in real time.

Upstream and downstream participation

the feature of multi-centeralized trust in blockchain, enterprises can not only grasp the situation of upstream and downstream enterprises, track transaction status, understand the information from indirect links to end-users, and provide supervisory intervention interfaces(API), which is conducive to government/market supervision.