ViewFin BaaS Block chains are oriented to various industries, providing industry block chain operation products to meet the needs of users in business scenarios, and creating a usable and easy-to-use public block chain network.

Project consultation

  • Requirements analysis

    Right now, blockchain is helping reshape industries, the technology will continue to bring unprecedented innovations. ViewFin BaaS can help customers identify their needs whether can meet business development and provide professional domain advice. Viewfin BaaS has various number of successful business cases, it can be shared with customers to explore and seek new development and solutions.

  • Customer scheme

    Based on the ViewFin BaaS platform, we are committed to allowing our customers to focus on the development of the project. ViewFin BaaS can help customer to support operation and maintenance, provide middle-term and long-term business development plan.

Application development

  • Multiple platforms support

    ViewFin BaaS service supports a variety of public-chain platforms (Metaverse\Etherreum Ethereum), users can choose according to actual needs.

  • Digital Identity

    A unique set of identity ledger function managed by the user on the Metaverse Blockchain. The ledger dynamically records the relationship between identity and assets, identity and identity, and establishes digital credit accordingly.

  • Digital Asset

    Provide users with a decentralized virtual asset service that self-registers, transfers, issues, mortgages, and destroys on the blockchain. Due to the use of blockchain technology, all assets have decentralized, trust-free, traceable, and non-tamperable And other characteristics.

  • Smart Contract

    ViewFin BaaS provides multi-language contract templates based on the different industry sectors in which users are located. Developers can quickly and securely implement contract functions by simply parameters modification.

  • Application Development

    The ViewFin BaaS team has extensive experience and resources in developing software that can be tailored to include Web 2.0, IOS and Android App applications.

  • Operation Support

    ViewFin BaaS provides a fee-based operation and maintenance support service for customers who expired their free operation. Operation and maintenance support services are used to prevent and solve various problems that may occur in the process of using ViewFin BaaS products. The overall improvement of customer usage level and management level ensures the normal, stable and efficient operation of the application system and fully satisfies the needs of business.

  • User Training

    We provide user training related to the selected ViewFin BaaS service based on the needs of individual or institutional users, allowing users to get started quickly.

Baas deploy

  • BaaS deploy

    Provide users with simple and convenient computing resource management service

    Provide users with created and configured source for automated deployment and operation

    Provide users with automated resource extend services and high reliability services

Asset management

  • Asset distribution

    Individuals or organizations with asset issuance can distribute their digital assets on the ViewFin BaaS blockchain infrastructure, and trusted assets can be freely exchanged and circulated across the network.

  • Digital Asset Circualtion

    Individuals or institutions with resources can become channels for digital assets circulation and establish exchanges for digital assets.

  • Digital Asset Management

    Individuals or organizations using ViewFin SaaS services can monitor and view their digital assets in real time, and are free to trade and transfer at any time.

Media publicity

ViewFin BaaS has formed a full set of promotion service system, through long-term accumulation. ViewFin BaaS not only has the unique advantages in project promotion, also involves social media platforms, well-known media platforms in the blockchain industry, and mainstream media platforms. In addition, ViewFin BaaS has rich experience to organize industry-leading market activities, large-scale events or round table. ViewFin will help customers to understand blockchain industry in a quick and easy way.

  • Media Promotion

    • Comprehensive media resource, contains oversea social media, media public account, blockchain media, mainstream media, etc.

    • Customized for user’s request, fully deployment, accurate advertising

    • Community maintenance, contents operation, flow introduction

    • 24 hours online support, maintain customer relationship

  • 市场活动

    • Offline Meet-up and FinWise Forum

    • Stronger promotion platform, Processional marketing team

    • The latest industry trend, comprehensive project experience

    • Offer more opportunity to attract investor’s attention

Value-added service

  • Digital Asset Quantitative Management

    ViewFin Quantitative Platform is a “one-stop” online quantitative trading platform, relying on the powerful resources of ViewFin to leverage the advantages of integration and synergy to create a professional quantitative strategy development and research platform.

  • Digital Asset Value Management

    The ViewFin BaaS team provides market value management services for digital assets issued by the project based on user needs.

  • Digital Asset Hedging Service

    Users can conduct market hedging services on project issuance assets according to the needs of the project itself for market risk reduction.