One of the most visionary fintech companies in China

Founded in 2014, ViewFin™ is the creator of Metaverse, China’s first public blockchain based on the PoW consensus mechanism. As one China’s most visionary fintech companies, ViewFin™ boasts a team of domestic and international specialists from diverse backgrounds including blockchain, finance, internet and consulting. ViewFin aims to provide digital solutions using blockchain and smart contract technologies in areas such as finance, business, art, medical and social entrepreneurship.

Talent First

Viewfin has always adhered to its corporate social responsibility concept of talent first and helped people grow.Answering the call to build Shanghai into a fintech hub, Viewfin works with various universities to provide training to support the new economy.

ViewFin believes in attracting and nurturing outstanding local and international talent, encouraging fintech initiatives in universities and facilitating innovation for sustainable growth. By giving students real exposure to the fintech industry, ViewFin hopes to spark life-long interest in the sector and give back to the community.


Community Programs

Our employees have clear career development paths. We provide the environment for employees to hone their skills and reward them accordingly so that both employees and the company grow. Since the beginning we have enforced a socially responsible policy and encouraged our employees to play an active role in social charity programs and to serve the community.



Founder of Metaverse Foundation and CEO of Viewfin.

Eric is a Blockchain and Digital Identity expert and a well-known opinion leader in the Chinese Blockchain ecosystem. As a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Eric was the main translator of ‘Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy’, the first Blockchain book translated into Chinese